In a recent interview with a local radio station, Dr. Mary Case says:

“Because it’s not regulated, if you take a very large amount of it, you could die from it, and there’s nothing on the package that tells you only take this three times a day or once a day,”

There are a few things wrong with this statement:

  1. In 2018, a group of scientists already responded to the FDA's claim of kratom-related deaths. The findings are as follows: kratom has caused ZERO deaths.
  2. "If you take a very large amount of it, you could die from it". This is such a general statement. As Joseph from Kratom Society writes: "You can die from consuming a very large amount of anything. Chocolate cake, alcohol, cigarettes, pain killers, and even water."
  3. If packaging is the issue, you can simply establish strict labelling laws for kratom wholesalers. This will ensure kratom remains available for users around the world but at the same time are warned about the potential side-effects of over-ingestion. This reminds me of a kid back in the early 2000s that sued McDonalds because there was no label warning him that the hot chocolate was really hot. So when he drank out of it, he immediately burned his tongue, and eventually sued McDonalds for this. I forget who won. Shortly after this, McDonalds placed a "caution: hot" label on all its cups to avoid misleading customers that a STEAMING cup of hot chocolate MIGHT ACTUALLY be HOT. The labels on cigarette packages also warn you of lung and throat cancer now.

Ban kratom or not ban kratom. But at the very least, give the community some real reasons, not some vague, general statement that reveals how little you actually know about the topic.

In the same interview, Case admits they don't know much about Kratom or what regulation of it could look like.

Apparently, she doesn't know anything about Kratom as well.

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