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/u/cgroom14 - Gulf of Mexico full tree before cuttings ![alt text]( Top image: Thai phenotype has dark red stem bases with green/white veins Bottom image: Malay phenotype with white/green stem and veins ![alt text]( Dumbo leaves ![alt text]( 20 rooted cuttings ![alt text]( /u/LovingProjector1 1 year old bumblebee ![alt text]( /u/HatefulKate88 mutant from seed ![alt text]( /u/RickyRosayy Got My first two cuttings to root! ![alt text]( /u/kratos_1812 I have a flower / (indoor grow light?) ![alt text]( /u/Strongmanblowheart ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( /u/K4kratom ![alt text]( /u/turtletodd462 grow tent plants ![alt text]( ![alt text]( topped white indo ![alt text]( Bushy malay ![alt text]( /u/psilocybevibe69 M. hirsuta seed germination ![alt text]( /u/Botanist1984 intricate vein structure of bumblebee ![alt text]( thai ![alt text]( /u/otokratom I think he said this was a 3-4 year old tree ![alt text]( /u/tekencetdalamcelane fresh fruit hope we can preserve it until our grandchildren live ![alt text]( /u/joefus1o4 grasshopper bites, possibly caterpillar, use neem oil ![alt text]( /u/letemlive "Two bigs ones are from seed. Small one on front left is a clone from an adult green rifat, and small one on the right is a clone from the big one on the back left. I'm about to take a bunch of cuttings as soon as I move them outside. Starting a forest lmao." fox farm ocean forest soil under Mars Hydro 600W ![alt text]( /u/meandmym0nkey lol this is overcrowded "fox farms and a T5/blurple combo - but I’ll be adding better lighting soon." ![alt text]( ![alt text]( "I grow indoors and, despite phenomenal success - it’s quite challenging to keep all 4 of my trees manageable. It’s obviously the “tree” aspect of their genetics making them difficult to manage indoors - lol. My plants are only 7 months old (from well established trees) but I’ve easily harvested 75 - 100 leaves (many the size of my hand) in order to control growth and shape the grow space. Regarding potency, I’ve found that lightly chewing 4-5 fresh leaves to be more powerful than 10-12 dried and ground - though the same weight of imported leaves is always stronger. Not sure why there’s a potency delta between fresh vs dried of homegrown though." /u/KratomRoll "Your in luck I own a kratom nursery here in the US. My largest and oldest trees are 10 years old. Her is a write up I did on kratom leaf on my app kratomwatchdog. Here is another write up I did a couple of days ago."
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Thank you so much for this post!!!! This is absolutely Awesome you took the time to write this all down!!! I just wanted to add. Here is another write up I did on Kratom vein colors.
Fantastic it's going to take me a little while just to go through it all but thank you so much great images as well
Im going to try to get more photos collected and organized and labeled. I also have a small gallery of my own showing the process of fresh growth and new leaf emergence, and some leaf closeups of what i think is neem burn. Going to take a while though. Tl;dr - more incoming
wow!!! beautiful!!:herb: :leaves: :sunny: