Happy 4th Of July!!! Kratom CONTEST!

Happy 4th Of July!!! Kratom CONTEST!

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For the 4th of July we wanted to do something special! We are happy to announce the next KratomWatchDog Kratom competition! 5 Winners will be chosen! The contest starts on (7/4/19) and will end on 7/12/19.

The Grand Prize
10 Fresh Organic American Kratom Leaf & American Kratom Keychain

Runners up
Kratom Leaf Keychain of their choice

Count the Number of Falling Kratom Cuttings we take off of our American Kratom Trees.


How to win?
1: Go to this ( https://bit.ly/2XrEllY )
2: Count the number of Kratom Cuttings Falling in the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqj7IN8HIow)
3: Click β€œReply”
4: Log in using our "1-click-login"
5: Reply with your answer
6: Up vote at least one post on the website

5 Winners will be chosen. In the event of a tie we will pick a number from "1-100" who ever guesses closest will win!

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It looks like there are 10 cuttings, but at 43 secs it looks like a couple of leaves fall off, not actually a cutting, but if you count that it would total 11, LOL

I see 11 clippings. Thanks. πŸŒΏπŸ’œπŸŒΏ

I am going with 14 cuttings...:)Happy July 4th...:)

11 Cuttings. Happy 4th everyone! May your fingers forever stay intact.

11 cuttings I saw fall! πŸ˜πŸ‘

KDG Private

11 cuttings.
Happy Fourth Everyone!

12 Happy 4th of July n keep smiling from Florida

I seen 11 clippings fall. Happy 4th y'all!

So I see 11 intentional clippings but I see 1 leaf fall in the corner on it's own. Happy 4th everyone

And my number is 61

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So i saw 11 clippings and my number is 90

11 clippings fell from the tree