Happy 4th Of July!!! Kratom CONTEST!

Hi ... my order #12467 shows a shipping charge? Is shipping free? Let my know ... ty again


There's no charge it's free shipping.


@goldohio I'll have it out on Monday. Thank you :)

That’s awesome... thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

@guywithtrees hello sorry I am not very good with this app yet

My order number is 12470. Thank you so much!


@amber-huddlestun t
:) You have a great weekend

@guywithtrees thank you! You have a great weekend also!!

@kidkratom92 Oh no!! I've been out in hotels for work lately!! I've been using this app on my PC! Just woke up after travelling home!! Ofcourse i come back to something like this, didn't think my luck would cut it!!!

I love it thank you so much!!


11, and I counted those on my fingers. 🤣