Sweet Treat, also used for sore throat and lingering cough.
I will definitely keep it in mind. Once i gain some extra funds i will have to purchase some fresh leaf. I imagine the experience is alot different. Is there any way to compare one leaf with dry powder if you know what i mean? If i were to eat all 15 leaves would that be a lot? I sounds dumb asking it this way but i'm not sure else how to! Thanks !
I'm with you trying to learn more about the difference between fresh leaf and ground powdered leaf.
Fresh leaf is interesting. It must have a higher % of rhynchophylline, the mouth numbing is more noticeable to me with fresh than powder dried. In powder dried, it is more numbing with green than red or gold/yellow ferments, but all kinds of powder arent usually that strong. Years ago when first trying kratom, i tried powder that was noticeably numbing, but it has never been quite the same. Maybe they added micronized kava... It is “faster,” and “headier” as they might say on other forums: more stimulating. It feels slightly more wholesome, that is, “full spectrum.” It was less anxious to me than dry powder, but i am a bit sensitive in that way. Some powders i have come across definitely have some matcha in them, and that adds a caffeine edge to it. Chewing leaf is comforting in a way, knowing nothing else is in it. Its a leaf, and stands on its own. I tried a fresh leaf chewed (comeup in 15-30min) but also macerated and steeped in boiling water for a few min. I let it sink and drank off the top, then poured boiling water over for a second infusion. This came up in about an hour. I had 5 leaves total, one chewed and four in tea. My tea was inefficient, blending and boiling for 10-15+min and straining would probably be strongest. Chewing and sucking was much stronger than my tea. It was a little awkward and unlike chewing tobacco. Theres more actual chewing, and the excess salivation became difficult to handle. Im unfamiliar with the method, but it worked. The leaf was more bitter than i expected, but as bitter as people have said lol. The main stem is a little fibrous, but the dispersed veins arent too bad to chew. Slightly wax paper type feel to the leaf, but softer. Like spinach with a lacquer? The effects were pleasant, familiar “kratom”, but noticeably more wholesome and enjoyable than the powder i’m used to. Thanks to the leafman!
I would say i had plenty after one efficient leaf chewed and four inefficient leaves in tea over the course of 2hrs. 2-4 leafs per use maybe. Your mileage may very. Edit: each leaf was between 1.3-2.1g approximately, wet weight. They felt somewhat dry, but still soft and pliable as they had some water content. In the future i’ll do some wet/dry weight comparison? Need more leaf :D lol
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Thank you so very much! I couldn't have asked for any better of an explanation. That does sounds like everything i was hoping that it would be! More wholesome/full spectrum seals the deal for me. I will have to give this a try. Thank you so much for this detailed description here. One of the mods should pin it to anything to do with "fresh leaf" Very informative!!
@SubstanceTheSqid This is a great write up! Thank you for this.

@su@SubstanceTheSqid  did you swallow the leaf after you chewed it or do you spit it out? I’d like to buy some and try! 

@macegsd your actually in luck. I'm the owner of a kratom nursery In the United States as well as the only vendor with fresh American grown kratom. Here is a link to the fresh leaf. We also have crushed as well.


You can spit it out if you like however I personally swallow. Why let all of that leaf go to waste lol. I'd recommend you try what @Jaime-Lyn is doing with the sugar. It makes the leaf taste much better.