[COMPETITION] Name That Kratom Tree
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Facebook Instructions

  1. Visit http://kratomapp.us
  2. Tap Enter Competition
  3. Login with your Facebook account
  4. Post your suggestion in this post https://bit.ly/312CUfV
  5. Upvote one other persons suggestion

How to Win
Enter 24HR CONTEST by posting your name suggestion below, and liking one other posters suggestion.

Winner will receive Kratom leaf earrings and 10 Fresh Leaf!

Post your suggestion or vote before 7/27 6.30PM EST

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“Tree” that’s my entry


His name is Alonzo. He writes poetry, enjoys long walks on the beach, and craft beer. He looks like his father but everyone says he has his mothers eyes. He hopes to grow the best leaves one day and is always reaching towards the sun. 😉

kratom mod Grower

If is your first, then Adam Kratom.

Camo chameleon or cc

@will Beauty is the name I pick

Heka: God of magic and medicine

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Pickles is my suggestion for her name. And those earrings are gorgeous!!

Green Envy is my entry.

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Tree mc tree face

Krampus the kratom tree

I too like the Willow name. Could go with any strain also. So yep, that's my entry.. it also happens to be my granddaughters name 💜