[COMPETITION] Name That Kratom Tree

The tree's name is Iaso, after a goddess of healing. 💚

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But I definitely chuckled at “Scott Gottlieb,” that won my vote lol.

How about "Stan Tree" in honor of Stan Lee 🙏🙏


I say call it Gynine ( pronounced Ja-neen).
Or Gyna (gee-na) It’s part of the mytragynine or Mitragyna......scientific name
For Kratom!

I think it should be called
La Vita
Which means "The life" in Italian


Sorry I missed this one but it ended up just too busy to get on and check out the post that I haven't read. Good luck everybody

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Infinity-giving infinite life to so many of us


Thank you everyone who participated in this contest. Looks like we have clear winner @Nicole-Viafora with her suggestion.

@Nicole-Viafora said in [COMPETITION] Name That Kratom Tree:

His name is Alonzo. He writes poetry, enjoys long walks on the beach, and craft beer. He looks like his father but everyone says he has his mothers eyes. He hopes to grow the best leaves one day and is always reaching towards the sun. 😉

hahaha i love the winners entry. Originial A F :D

I like the idea of "Synergy"


@Nicole-Boymom the earrings and leaf are all yours! :blush:

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@will in a post above, looks like it was another Nicole that won? ☺️