We are back online!

There was a severe issue triggered by an update I released Friday at 5PM.

Rather than leaving the office and getting home a little early I decided I should take 10 and fix permissions for a folder on the server that has been giving me some issues.

Long story short, the command I was running to fix the permissions on the app server folder were applied to the entire servers directory which caused a massive failure, locking me out of the server completely, and disabling the server.

This has been a huge learning experience and has resulted in some changes in how we operate, including automated daily backups, and setting up redundant servers to switch to in the event of a system failure.

Please let me know if you have any issues navigating around.


Bro Great Job getting this back up.

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KDG Private

The best way to learn is by things like this. It forces us out of our comfort zones.

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KDG Private

What sysadmin HASN’T deleted the system from time to time?! Heheh. Awesome job getting it back up so fast, I was worried for a minute this forum was done for. Good on you for pushing out an error message to explain what happened as you were fixing it.

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