Kratom Seed Pod Fresh Ripe USA Organically Grown


Fresh and ripe Kratom seed are grown for 6 – 10 year old Organic American grown Kratom trees. The growers have acclimated the trees to the gulf region. Growing instructions, and support are included for those in all environments. Below is a link to our American Kratom seed pod dissection.

How do you collect Kratom Seed Pods?
Kratrom trees take years to mature. Because of this they can be quite tall making them hard to reach. A single kratom tree can grow to over two hundred foot tall. Our dedicated team have had to make choices on the most efficient and effective way to bring them down. A big factor that plays out over time is how we grow the trees. If we top our taller trees they will start to bush out more near the bottom. However some of our trees are too tall to reach with a ladder. We have built a Kratom Seed Pod collector for this purpose.

How to sprout Kratom Seed Pod! And answering commonly asked questions!
If this is your first time growing from kratom seed our team recommends you spend a few minuets to watch this educational video. These seed pods were planted in March 2019 – June 2019 kept outdoors in very hot and humid conditions while being covered in clear plastic wrap.



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