Kratom Myths
Hey guys, I'm working on getting the interactive info side of the app built out, and I want to start with common misconceptions about Kratom so we have a place in which to direct our friends and family to educate them. Please help by adding to or correcting the record.
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**There are no Kratom studies** Kratom has been written up in the annals of Western science and medicine literally for centuries now. It was first discovered in the West in the 1800’s. By the early 1900’s scientists were working on isolating and synthesizing the primary constituents. Since then, pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the US, and Asia have studied kratom as well as the researcher Dr. E.J. Shellard who did a great deal of research on mitragyna speciosa in the 70’s. In the last decade or so the interest in researching kratom has exploded. Hundreds of studies have been published in the last couple years alone as you can see by doing a search of research journals at and searching for Mitragyna speciosa.
**Kratom Can Cause Fatalities** This a dangerous bit of misinformation that has been making rounds for the past years. Kratom in reality hasn’t been linked to any deaths, in lab animals or humans. Any deaths that have been reported to be linked to kratom have actually been due to a combination of pharmaceuticals that were consumed with kratom.
**Kratom is a Synthetic Drug** Kratom is obtained from a tropical evergreen plant that is grown in Southeast Asia, known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Any drug with the name Kratom that touts its original to be synthetic or designer, is not the real thing, and therefore might be hazardous to one’s health!
**Kratom is addictive** According to several researchers including Dr. Edward Boyer and Dr. Jack Henningfield kratom is no more addictive or habit-forming than coffee. The side effects of caffeine withdrawal and kratom withdrawal are similar and can result in sluggishness, headache and sometimes a stuffy nose. That said, as we mentioned earlier, extracts (like caffeine pills) are more likely to result in tolerance building quickly, so sticking with pure kratom powder is often best.
**Kratom Seeds are only good for 2 weeks** Sent a friend of mine some of my kratom seed pods. He said he's getting 50% viability from 6 month old kratom seed pods. These seed pods came from fully mature American kratom trees. He said he just followed my instructions Here is a video we shot in june.
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