Kratom Contest!!!

Leaf of life is happy to support another contest for the #kratomapp

Hello #kratomwarriors!!!! It’s contest time again! The prize up for grabs is 4 1oz sample packs of your choice! Here are the steps for participation. ️ 


 How to win!

1. Comment on "How Kratom has helped you..." 

2. Like someones elses post 

3. Click the 3-dot-drop-down button on the right side of your post and Share your post to Facebook using the Facebook button. 

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The person with the most likes will be our winner!!! The contest will run 9/27-10/4 till 11:59pm. 


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it has helped me with my back pain 

kratom helps me just feel good. I don't take it for pain management, at least not for severe pain. It just makes me feel like a better person and i feel i get a lot out of taking it. 


kratom has giving me my life back as a mother, daughter, friend, and sister. My previous history included pain pill abuse and ultimately I lost everything in my addiction! Today, because of kratom, I am a hardworking, functional human being with dreams, goals, and passion in life! ❤🙏

After a 13 yr addiction to heroin i have now been clean over 3 years thanks to our wonderful plant. I was on opiates total of 17 years and 8 other psych meds for many years. I have been completely pharmaceutical free over 2 years. Kratom helps me daily with pain , anxiety, depression and just overall better quality of life

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I love my chickens and my parrots. If it wasn't for kratom I would be unable to take care of there needs.

I've been pretty hard on my body over the years so I have a lot of things that hurt so it does help with that and it just gives me a general good feeling of well-being

Kratom has helped me so much. I am no longer bed ridden. I am able to help my mom with her grocery shopping and going with her to appointments. I am able to help with my granddaughter. It has helped with my depression and anxiety. If it wasn't for Kratom I would be bed ridden.

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KDG Private

kratom has gave my 3 sons their mother back, my mom her daughter back & my husband the girl he married back. Kratom has definitely been a life saver for me.

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this amazing 🌳 has gotten me out of bed since last year without having to take a 💊 have a great day n keep smiling 

KDG Private

Kratom helps me with my chronic pain. 

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Kratom has been life saving! Before, I was super fatigued... now I’m able to work long nursing shifts and raise 9 year old twins without feeling exhausted all the time! 😀

Great testimonials guys!!! Keep it up!! Kratom on! 🍃

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I am new to all of this, and I will tell you now that it has helped my tremendously with getting me through the day. I have RRMS,  fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue just to name a few. Doctors dont listen to me about the pain I'm in and how hard it is for me to stay awake. After find leaf of life I now have somewhat of a life again. I couldn't be more appreciative of everyone and everything that goes into making this product! I will forever be a fellow leafer! Thank you guys soooo much! 💚🌱🌿