Blue the pig helping out planting kratom trees

Got the new iPad ordered.  Definitely interested in posting for the vendor as a “starter” for while we figure out how well the site is working with more posts/visitors to the site.

The weather took a turn yesterday and the ensuing damage has left us with no power since 8PM last night.  Been interesting trying to keep Mom entertained with no tv and no facebook! 

Drove around and looked at all the storm damage, but traffic is crazy busy and most people HAVE POWER.  Our Thanksgiving will be full of gratitude and thanks AND putting a lot of food straight in to the trash...  

Thankfully the next “big inconvenience” has been forgetting my gas cap!  “Duh!” washes over me as I came out of the grocery store, having gone there after the gas station.  There was my gas cap flap, swinging in the breeze!  Ha!  I was not far from there, but traffic is a mess. Walked  back to the gas station and someone moved the cap from the curb and didn’t turn it in.  I’ll be shopping for a gas cap as soon as that parts store has power back on!  Rumor is that it will be back - at 11 tonight!

So truly grateful and blessed!  Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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