American Kratom tea recipe
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Here is a Kratom tea recipe of our American grown Raw Organic American Kratom from one of our new customers 

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I have purchased some “fresh leaves” from a  Florida Grower and am making Tea. 
So far its great. Came out very strong! ( alkaloid strong, not taste strong) had to “take a nap”. Lol
Bring to a boil  fresh leaves, then let simmer for 25 min. Its tastes like real tea!   

I put mint and sweetener in

Im weighing out different amounts. Will post a recipe once i work the bugs out 👌

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look forward to more specifics such as weight per serving

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he said:

In my picture I weight out 1.5 grams of fresh leaf and slow boiled it for 25 min. 

It was strong!!
I am gonna guess it was similar to  3 to 4 grams of powder. I havent had anymore tea all day. 

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Great idea! I just grabbed some mint out of the herb garden to try in my tea too. Great minds think alike... LOL.