Send in the clones

@roadkill They hang out by the staghorn ferns & low light orchids in dappled indirect light, north side of house, under an angel trumpet tree.

Just enough for photosynthesis but not enough to cook them in the plastic box or bag.

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Beautiful! I tried growing two trees a few years back. I must of over watered them, as they never left the pot.

What other diverse plants do you have. Great pics and awesome property btw. 

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@will Thank you. It's a labor of love to care for a few acres of hydroponic and organic food. 

  Citrus like key limes, Grapefruit, lemons, tangelos,  blood oranges, limequats, mangos, papaya, pears, apples, carambola (star fruits),  florida cherry, soursop,  peaches, and even olives (olive is the new orange 😇).

  As far as medicinal plants. I tend herbs, cacti, fungi, tubers. bulbs, etc. I love growing my own kratom potentiators such as turmeric, grapefruit, betel, and kava. I also love the beauty of other medicinal gems like San Pedro cacti, Salvia, Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose,  Angel Trumpets, and Morning Glories, when blooming. Lots of ferns too.

   Its wonderful to be able to add kratom to the list. I'm trying to propagate a few dozen clones for a clear section that was dead orange trees.  They grow as fast or faster than weeds. These are only 3 months old (out of solo cups).

 I hope to be able to grow it in sufficient quantities ( for my personal use) LOL

If you're ever in the neighborhood. stop on by & visit.

  I'm cleaning out the summer hydro grow this upcoming month. You're invited to help. Its a lot of work to love too.

  Just PM me first.  Maybe I can visit your growing paradise too. I sometimes travel to southern Florida. I'm curious as to what you have growing there. I've heard good things. Very good things.😀

  Be blessed.....Peter 

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@will If you're ever near Daytona come and get an extra trumpet flower. I have lots of extra clones. I'll trade you for something extra that you may have too many of.