I suffered from anxiety all of my life..I've used every anti anxiety drug and none of them worked for me..some of them were highly hard on my brain and we're just not for me..I tried kratom and I have a new life now. It makes me feel normal…I suffered all my life and now I have a good life and my anxiety is gone kraton is a life saver  :(
Awesome! Which strains seem to help you most for anxiety? I have always been an introvert. Social occasions are often a great source of anxiety for me. I find that Greens help me most during the day.
Hello Bengi & Welcome  :welcomewave:  It appears we have something not-so-cool in common, anxiety. I suffer from crippling anxiety & have endured the full benefits of this wonderful condition. I too, am curious as to what strains you have discovered that have helped you, Bengi. We should compare notes, yes?
Looks like a good thread idea…which reminds me to go to mine and post....