My little Kratom trees

Hi Joe. Happy looking grow that you have there. Welcome to the very friendly and helpful community here. We are here to help and serve.  Enjoy the articles and photos, and feel free to ask us anything related to kratom.

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@guywithtrees thanks. I can't figure out how to comment but I'll get with the program. Looking forward to sharing knowledge 

@peteypyro I do have a question I took about 40 cuttings yesterday.  I've successfully clones 2 thus far but they were in my growroom.  This isn't possible not so they are inside clear plastic boxes, heating pads under them but in wondering about lights. I have all kinds and every Kelvin possible by now. I'm thinking the T12 with 6500 and a 3200 would be best. Leaves would be about 3 to 5 inches away. Anything to add? 


  Sorry, but I know nothing about artificial lighting. Well, I know that leaves appear green because they absorb blue/red, but reflect green.  I've seen some new high efficiency LED grow lights. They save $$$ and are long lasting for grow lamps. 

  You have a tidy growing area.

   I know that kratom loves humidity and warmth,  and long tropical days. They root faster with warm feet, and cinnamon powder helps reduce damping off diseases and rot, when rooting clone cuttings. 

  I've grown many things over 50+years, but am new to kratom and kratom plants & propagation.  Most here are on a learning & pioneering experience with Kratom trees.    🎄🎄😀🎄🎄

  I hope that your little clone cuttings grow fast and strong.  They are a joy to watch. 

And they grow up so fast too... Go Kratom!  🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

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welcome to the group, Joe!  I’m new here also!  Really cool energy here! 

welcome to the group good-looking Garden you have there