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@will.  I discovered Craig Strickland's kratom growing channel has new weekly/monthly updates on his huge grow operation. Its entertaining as well as encouraging, to watch his journey with Kratom farming. I recommend those who grow, should watch an episode or two on his channel. He has cloning down to an art.


Great post. I suffer with discoloration  of the trees leaf due to the pH of the water here too with the alkaline substrate and well. 

I've not had anything on a drip line in years (I ran into one the other month weeding I ran to the big tree when it was first planted. 

They were looking pretty sad but with a bone meal feed and a good soaking they are perking up nicely. 

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@will.  That's good that you identified a deficiency in your water and fixed it. The 'wrong' pH can inhibit nutrient absorption and create functional deficiencies in otherwise good soil. 

  We have either too acidic "Sulfur water" or too alkaline "Iron water" around the local lakes and springs around here.  My well has 6.0 pH rusty water, which works well, but stains everything. Plants love it, though. 

   Bone meal is high in calcium (to raise pH) and loaded with phosphorus.  That'll make Kratom (& most things)  bloom. I use it to keep my tomatoes from 'end blossom rot' deficiency disease, and to force blooming in everything from orchids to okra.

  @guywithtrees What kind of water type do you have? Do you use even use well water for your trees? They've been blooming for a while too! I hope that they make potent tea. (I've been thinking about buying some of your fresh USA leaf to try.)


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