A modest but healthy & organic Turmeric harvest.

I only got a few pounds, but that's twice what I harvested last year. It's a great organic potentiator for Kratom.  Pretty flowers too. Usually available at whole foods stores or Asian markets. A handful of little 'bulbs' is only a dollar or two, and can plant a large area of beautiful plants with magnificent leaves and white orchid-like blossoms in late summer. 

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Thats awesome! Def a good harvest you got there.  How do you grow them? 

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   The turmeric here was first started in spring some 4 years ago as a cheap-to-grow ornamental flower.  Later I read about its medicinal powers.

   I now grow them on a north facing side of a barn, in a raised bed. These photos are from August, when they have flowers. They're easy to grow, and multiply like weeds too.


  The tuberous rhizomes are stored over winter in paper bags of peat moss, in a root cellar. Cool and not too dry.   Replanting time is March~April here in Florida. They can also be dipped into cheese makers wax, for storage up to a year or so.

   I used to just leave them in the ground while dormant, but then I couldn't easily find them when I wanted some for my sore old joints. It's a great anti-inflamatory  for general aches and pains.


My squirrels, however, seem to find them quite easily. It apparently works great on their aches and pains too.

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Im gonna have to get on that. when is the best time to plant them? We dont have to many squirrel round. I think the hawks get them. 

Ahhhh.  On my phone, the tiny photo looked like a maggot infestation!  🤪  Never seen the live plant and the flower is beautiful!  Now I have already learned something new for the day (certainly can’t learn anything on the news these days.  Other than opinions!). Cool photos!  Glad I used my bigger device to see! Hahaha