How kratom can help with Co

How kratom can help with Corona Virus?

As you are aware the deadly Corona Virus (COVID-19) is currently working its way thought the world and the United States is no exception.

Our team at would like to help those that might be effected by the Corona Virus. So we figured we would share some knowledge to other American kratom growers and our customers.  When the natives in South East Asia are sick with a cold and have a sore throat they will go out in the fields and pick some Fresh Kratom Leaf off of the trees. Placing some sugar in the center and then chew on the leaf. When they chew the leaf the sugar mixes with the Fresh Kratom Leaf and becomes sort of like a tasty paste. This paste will retain its sweet taste all the way through. This helps relieve sore your throat and makes the day much more bearable. Below we have written a guide to show you how. 


Step 1: Pick your Fresh Kratom Leaf off of your tree. Any leaf will do but we recommend using larger leaves as they are easier  to work with. If you are new to kratom we recommend you try starting with 3-5 leaf and is about equivalent to 3-5 grams of powder. 

Step 2: Add sugar to the center of your Kratom Leaf

Step 3: Roll up your Fresh Kratom Leaf and enjoy!

Step 4: Chew the leaf for 3-5 min and either spit or swallow. 

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