I’m trying to kick sugar out o

I’m trying to kick sugar out of my diet, but the biggest hurdle is what to take my Kratom with. Straight up water makes it really hard to swallow, but my normal Gatorade and lemonade is full of sugar. Any suggestions??


have you tried gelatin capsules or honey?

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I’m also trying to kick sugar.  Freaking hard, but I do feel a lot better and I have slipped a few times.  I am replacing it with sucralose (fake fake fake, probably toxic) as a compromise.  Starting with using less and overall lower carbs.  What a bummer:  I was reading the label on my pedialyte “electrolytes” and I won’t be using those again.  12 grams of carbs 🧐

If you can enjoy HINT beverages, they are a treat.  Sparkling water with light flavors is helpful for me.  I use regular water for t&w and then yummy water for the necessary after - rinses.  

A lot of people use oblate discs (I dunno 🤷‍♀️ but you can look them up on Amazon).  Kinda like pre virus TP where you get the necessary powder in, twist carefully and chug.  Although most people with this dilemma with t&w and avoiding sugar, must use capsules like Walter said in way fewer words!  

I’m with you on this project, even having made another mistake today.  I’m still not as sluggish, especially after eating, as I was with regular food topped with sugary treats in the night. Thank you for the question...I’ll be curious to hear how you ultimately decide!

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I’m gonna also recommend capsules. Amazon has capsule filling machines starting around $20. I’ve never done it, but have seen quite a few posts saying that it doesn’t take long to get proficient. Most fill them while watching TV and do a week or two supply in one sitting. They’re also convenient to have when you travel. 

oblate discs are best for doses between 1 and 3 gr . Wash down with water. The most I've gotten in one is 3.5 gr but it's full.

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