Another censorship notice for

Another censorship notice for posting my banner ad to imgur. 

Where did you post and what did you post?  

Is there a way to make it private on imgur or will uploading this always be a violation?

@Jiminy_Cricket I uploaded another picture as private so maybe just cant post to public. 

@Jiminy_Cricket We have been collecting all of the take downs we have had and are documenting them. I have been taken down on around 20 different platforms. 

I use Greenshot to screenshot kratom info all the time.  When it uploads to imgur it's automatically set to private.  I've never gotten a notice and have probably uploaded 50 kratom related pictures. 


I use imgur to upload pictures people upload here that goes in as private too. Although this is honestly making me rethink that. 

What's funny about guywithtrees upload is there was no link etc. 

Greenshot looks pretty handy. I use dropbox ATM but no area selector that I know of.

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Greenshot is sexy.  It's the best screenshotter Ive used.  Does exactly what I need it to.  A buddy showed it to me last year.  I was struggling to get screenshots I wanted.