Dammit I think my tree has Cov

Not sure how fast they develop, but I didn’t notice anything yesterday. So far only see them in the middle of the tree facing due East. 

@pete2000 they prob have been on the tree for about a week min. It takes a bit of time for them to pop into that white stage. 

seedpod badge is coming up 🎉🎉

can't wait till one of my trees start to bloom


This seems to be the time of year. Mine is a week shy of one year, way very surprised to see it flowering so soon. 

I know my neighbors think I’m crazy because I stand outside peering into my tree. But I could look at these all day. 

Starting to see flowers show up on the north and west sides as well as the east side. It’s so cool to see the different flowering stages. 

Haven’t seen bees paying any attention yet, but they’re hanging out all over some golden mound right next to the tree. 

Hopefully they’ll head over, would love to get a shot of them in the kratom flowers. 

@pete2000 very nice to see that white spiky looking pod are the ones that you want to rub together or have the bees rub on their fur as that is how you fertilize them. The bees will definitely notice them and if they're near a hive you can go collect that honey and it will be kratom honey If there's enough of them and they build it up. 

Kratom honey sounds awesome. My daughter thinks the flowers smell like gardenia and wants to make kratom perfume lol.