Hi Everyone...My name is Kami Ann Davis and I am a psych nurse and Kratom Blogger. I hate Facebook lol 


totally agree. The truth always appears to get taken down.  Only lies and fear mongering misinformation ends up being posted and ultimately trending. Unfortunate 😒


Hey @Kami-Davis! Good to have you finally on the #kratomapp. I am one of the owners of the app and I reached out to you a few times on FB and a few times as well as @Misty-Brown when you were in Fb jail To get ahold of you. I had seen that your website has been targeted on FB and I think it is ridiculous. I enjoy your posts and I like how you portray the users and arguments. I wanted to offer you a way to get around the shadow banning on Fb. If you want to post your content on here (with link backs to your website to boost SEO) feel free to do so. And then post the link to the #kratomapp post. That way you can still promote your content on FB and get around censorship. There is even a built in “Share with FB” button to auto post the content into groups or posts.  We recommend you post the link as a bit.ly link as this is the best way to share on FB. We can also set you up your own group like we have for Leaf of Life, katom discussion group, and other facebook groups so you can curate your own community with a larger feature set then you would have if you were just a website or just a facebook group. 

That sounds fantastic!!!! Thank you my brother!!! I will take you up on that offer 💯 ...And I’m so glad to be here!!! 

now we need to get the whole gang over here.