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This 'plandemic', I believe, is a test in control and enforcing a new order. Follow the money. Not a PC popular idea around here.

  Follow the money. Who profits? Who doesn't? This 'scamdemic' is to divide and conquer us. Follow the money,  seriously  


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Thanks for your comment! I realize this isn’t fun reading, but it’s vitally important to see the Big Picture in moving forward. 

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@peteypyro , I agree completely. Its importance and severity is greatly exaggerated for political and profit purposes. A complete restructuring of our form of government, along with loss of our Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms is also in the works.

To think this won't affect our access to kratom and other supplements is missing the point. Mass vaccinations, with no liability for Big Pharma, is a huge give-away to them.

What else might they want, now that they are largely in the driver's seat? Hmmm... let me think, maybe a ban on kratom via the FDA?

This is the most serious agenda-change I've seen in my lifetime. We were able to stop the Vietnam War, so they stopped the draft and made pointless wars a "jobs program" and the wars returned in spades after a similar false-flag event -- 9/11.

The kratom community has the advantage of knowing how the FDA is willing to disregard the science on kratom. So, we need to realize that Big Pharma, the FDA, and Dr. Fauci are doing the same thing with demonizing Hydroxychloroquine and anyone who says it works.

We need to wake up and see what's happening before it's too late.

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Report from Nurses in New York's Busy COVID19 Hospitals

If you'd like some confirmation that treatment protocols of COVID19 patients in New York City's busy hospitals ended up needlessly killing most of their patients due to placing them on ventilators, which paid hospitals 3 times more, then read this account by a nurse who was there.

There's a video, too, which you should see by another nurse.

All of this goes with my contention that the best personal policy is to learn and do whatever it takes to promote your health, so you never find yourself at the mercy of hospitals.

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