has anyone here bought bulk co

has anyone here bought bulk course cut kratom from a vendor in the U.S. ? I’m looking a connection to possibly regularly start buying kilos of dried course cut, but can’t seam to find anybody selling kilos that isn’t powder ..

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I'd bet that @guywithtrees  knows who has quantity.  He has quality freshest leaf here in Florida. 


Are are you looking for American grown leaf? Are you looking for leaf grown overseas that has been cut down?

currently we are the only vendor that offers fresh leaf and crushed leaf from fully mature Kratom trees grown in the United States. 


I’d like to buy American grown but it’s much more expensive 

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If you’re looking for crushed leaf there’s not much around. Here’s a few I found that claim to have it in stock. 




Never ordered anything from Greg’s or Krabot. I did pick up some MD Ultra powder from Harry at KOG last year and very much enjoyed it. At various times he’s been members only, but seems to be open to new customers now. 

If you’re actually looking for course grind and not crushed, TFH is the only vendor I’ve seen who had a some. He’s not accepting new members now, but occasionally does open events.

I’m guessing crushed leaf is bulkier and costs more to ship so it’s not available as much. Looks like all the vendors are on the nano grind bandwagon these days. 

thanks y’all 🙏🏻

all be looking for a kilo do you sell kilos?

Why is a course grind more desirable?

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