Cinnamon used on young cutting
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Cinnamon used on young cutting clones. Antifungal properties are legendary. Used copiously too.

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@peteypyro and I only use Captan fungicide when the nuclear option is needed, and only on young cuttings where the traces of poison will dissipate with time. 

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I have no luck cloning my cuttings. I wish I knew why mine never grow roots. They will stay alive in water for about 2 weeks before they die. I di change the water every 2-3 days, so that's not an issue...HELP!

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My last batch I used the super sprouter base, humidity dome and plugs. It was way too hot outside and I lost a few, but overall it worked. Here’s what I did.

Soak the plugs in water pH’ed to 6. I added a little SuperThrive (~1/4 tsp/gallon) to the water.

Rooting hormone, sharp blade, clippers.  Clean blade and clippers with alcohol to reduce chance of disease.

Clip some tips from your plant.  I like to have two nodes.

Remove the lower leaves and use the razor to make a 45 degree cut below the node and dip in rooting hormone. Leave the top set of leaves but clip most of the leaf to help reduce transpiration.

Note the blade should be very sharp. You don’t want to crush the stem. 

Also I understand the logic behind scraping, but I tried a few with and without scraping and didn’t see a difference. I might try a more scientific comparison next time.

Note that you shouldn’t dip the stem into the container to avoid contamination.  Pour a little out at a time.

Carefully place the stem into the plug opening. 

And place in the tray.

Keep the dome on and plugs moist, and resist the temptation to check for roots every day. Note that they need plenty of humidity. That may be your issue.

I had some root after a few weeks, others took longer but I got a few healthy clones.

This was the last of the clones, took a couple months to root. Not sure if it was from stress but its first set of leaves had little horns. Called him little Nicky.

Last year I tried this guy’s method. You might find it easier if you don’t have a tray and dome.

Remember to keep the humidity up. Good luck!

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@peteypyro said:

<p>@pete2000 Great article. Well done.</p>

Thanks! I apologize for hijacking your thread. Was going to post a quick answer but got carried away lol. 

Cactus Jacks

@pete2000 Thank you so much! I will try that! Where do you get the rooting gel at?

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I pick up most cultivation stuff at my local hydro store. Amazon has everything as well. 

Clonex is on the expensive side. I recommend getting the smallest size they sell since you don’t need much. I’ve seen a small pouch for around 7 bucks. 

Great information. I plan to buy my first seed soon and try my hand at growing.

@peteypyro @pete2000 You guys really are great. @lisaaddison Good luck on your next round. You got this!