28°F just before dawn... frost

28°F just before dawn... frosty soil...

 very icey....  plants look dicey.... my white Christmas was late... ice is everywhere .... hopefully the citrus will be sweeter because of this cold snap.  Life is good.

Yikes! Hope there’s not much damage to your trees. 

@roadkill said:

<p> so how was the damage to your kratom</p>

  Great to see that your trees are going to be fine.  Frosty from the windy side,  there are at least no aphids now...

 and from the leeward side.... not much damage at all... You're right that they will come back with a vengeance,  spring is coming very soon I  hope. Even Kratom Dog is frozen solid this frigid morning.   🐕     I turned her over to thaw out the other side 🤪

  just kidding 🌞🌝

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daaaaaammmnnnn look at that. Hope they are ok