Hey! My package just arrived!

Hey! My package just arrived! I'm excited to try it out. I'm going to video it because this might be a testimonial usable.

I've been wracked with pain for 32+ years, every since my USMC days. The pain is steady all day long and can be so painful that I have difficulty getting up and walking.

I'm going to try 3 leaves, coated with some honey, to see how things work first.

I'll let you know.

I can’t wait!  I tried only one leaf and was unable to keep the other leaves alive long enough to try more - they all went bad no matter how careful I was.  I appreciate the descriptions of your experiences.  Next time, I’ll have to go two leaves and that should be everything inside my bag.  👍. Then another 2 leaf bag.  And so forth.  Hmmm 🧐