Hey guys. Check out the Kratom IM I've been working on.

The function of this project is a real time messenger with interactive backgrounds. I plan on using it to create a real time market place and an area to layout our gardens in a sharable a virtual format. (For example I can lay out my garden, represent it with items where I can then upload and attach pictures and videos that will also connect into KWD by using posts and galleries. 

The biggest draw for this project will hopefully be ability to host group chats. Chat rooms can be locked, private only, password protected, group based, or reputation/ post count based. Giving us the chance to filter out the rift raft


This is a Kratom community for adults, and in order to hold to the central focus things like conspiracies, or political rants are not welcome in public rooms as they put the entire community at risk, and create an environment I'm not personally interested or comfortable hanging out in, or moderating. KWD is a warming community, and it's really important to me that the chat represents that at all times. 

KWD Mods have mod powers and the ability to mute, kick, ban users if they so choose. 

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Okay we are public now. Anyone who joins the chat will become a tree. Still some fixes to make so it doesn't affect scrolling the feed, and has a button to open full screen.

What I'll probably do is show who is online in a overlay with a button to enter the chat.

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@peteypyro ty for stopping by! Fixing your name for next time, and will have us load into a smaller simpler room just for chatting. 

cheers guys 

also taking jukebox requests lol 

Pushed out a bad update, sorry about that.

Now the camera will stay on your avatar

Much larger amount of tiles now render at one time

I'll be working on usernames, and avatar selection next. Already built, just have to hook it up to KWD! 

testing while having no idea how this works.  Thank you for the hard work on expanding this app! 

@Laurie so if you click the join chat button it will bring you into the chat. If you click the phone icon that will open chat box. 

not sure how to move around this app- it’s confusing and keep getting this “Krypto thing then something that looks like a green farm!” Idk... looking for buying fresh leaf from a US grower- I apologize if this is question not allowed. Please advise thanks 

@lisac Hey I sent you a email and a pm but incase you missed it here is a link to our fresh leaf

hi @lisac, how are you doing now?  Did you need anything further (@Guywithtrees hooked you up with fresh leaf and I’m just checking to be sure you have all of the information you were seeking.  There are more resources here!  Some may be hard to tap into, so just ASK and we will find your post..👍. I’m hoping to hear how you liked the fresh leaf after you get it.  Laurie

well that is why I ask.  Unfortunately I sometimes forget to come back after asking < — not helpful.  Maybe if I tag myself, I’ll get notifications?!  Trying.....@Laurie


@Laurie I guess I can’t tag myself (not criticism.  I gotta learn this stuff. Unfortunately y’all gotta watch while I putt around..

@Laurie LMAO Yah you just type @Laurie and a drop down will show. Just click the name you would like to reference and your golden. 

tried to log into it set my username or password was wrong double checked it and it worked logging to the app so....

@roadkill This should share the same system between Kratom watchdog and kynto. @will any ideas?

You can also still access it by hitting the guest button 

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