New to the forum
hey guys, i am new to this forum, but have been using kratom for 2 and a half years. also for the first time in 12 years i have been 100% sober from alcohol. i am also prone to seizures ( about 5 a year) and am happy to say i am 100% seizure free for the past 2 1/2 years. i know everybody says that kratom has saved their life, but other people surely thank we are just saying that to keep it legal. i am 35 and have 3 dui's, have had almost fatal pancreatitis 3 times and had lost the trust of most of my family and friends. I put so much effort into quitting alcohol ( i tried everything) but its grasp on me was so severe that i had almost given up hope.I was trying Kava when i stumbled upon kratom, and the rest is history, I have been so happy, productive, and gracious since having that evil monkey off my back, and i honestly wouldnt have had the strength to pull it off without the help from our beloved little tree leaf. everyone in the kratom community has been so helpful and understanding. I have been calling, emailing, informing, and donating as much as i can. I just want to do my little part to keep kratom available to millions that need it and especially for the ones like me that that have so much at stake. From the bottom of my heart thank you AKA and everyone else fighting for our leaf, freedom and the truth.. :D
Welcome grizz. Thanks for sharing your story.
Hey grizz, & Welcome to the Forum  :welcomewave: What a wonderful & raw story, Thank You for sharing it with us. The promise & the potential that our precious Leaf has to offer is so worth fighting for. I can with great pride that our community, the Kratom Community, has stood tall & strong TOGETHER in this War we are in. So, it is a real pleasure each time I have the honor of meeting an ardent & enthusiastic advocate such as yourself! I believe you will find that you are in excellent company here  :shy: