I've noticed my pain level jum

I've noticed my pain level jump dramatically over the last three days since I'm not taking fresh leaves.

The tea is OK, but there isn't near enough strength in the tea as the fresh leaves.

My blood pressure and the BPM has risen.

There was some odd sensations on Sunday, but by Monday it had cleared up. I'm guessing that it was a bit of a withdrawal because I had been on fresh leaves for ten days.

My sleep has been restless and I'm waking up earlier than I want to, so I'm getting less sleep. I'm having trouble falling asleep again, which was a problem previously.

I haven't been able to adjust the tea to a level that I need, so its been difficult to maintain that comfort level I had with fresh leaves.

I also haven't tried the powder yet. I might get better results with it.

Its a journey for each individual to get the correct dosage. I use capsules,  size 000, which is 1 gram.  I use 5, 1 gram caps, 4 times daily.  That's me. Others find the sweet spot for them at 2~3 grams up to 8~10 grams,  or even more! 

  Less really is more, when it comes to kratom. There is a 'ceiling effect for it,  meaning that you get better results with more,  up to a point.  After that point, I get no more relief by taking more,  but rather I get nausea and a case of the 'wobbles ' . Wobbles are where your eyes have a hard time focusing, especially when you look to the side. 

  Moderation here is needed. Go slow,  start small,  and you'll have better results. Be well 

I just took some powder, made it with cocoa. I'll wait to see what happens in about an hour.

I haven't tried pills yet. It might be a good option for me so that I have more control.

So this is a new experience. The powder in hot water with cocoa kicked in at around 10 minutes rather than the 15 for fresh leaves. The full effect kicked in at 30 minutes, which is when my hip pain disappeared. It's the last to go if I am using fresh leaves, at around 45 or 60 minutes. This morning I had a really difficult time getting up and I was really slow to move around. I didn't try the tea because I felt like the tea leaves were too mild for me, like maybe use them if I have a headache. I think the powder is far better than the tea leaves for comparison with fresh leaves. Tea - weakest, Fresh leaves - strong, Powder - strong, but quicker absorption? Right before the 30 minute mark I noticed the pain in my hands had reduced to nearly nothing, then my feet. When my hip pain went, it was like "wow", because it is always there nagging me when I move or am sitting still. Maybe its because the finer particles are easier to breakdown than the tea leaves?

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Did a jog of 1/2 mile, wasn't any record breaking speed, but it was almost completely pain free.

I will be interested in seeing how I feel in the morning.