This really sucks. I'm wide aw

This really sucks. I'm wide awake at 3am. I've tried to go to sleep several times, but no good. I toss an turn.

If it wasn't trash day I might go out for a long walk but we have bears in the area and this is mating season for the females. So I'm a bit of a chicken to wander at night even with a head lamp on.

@patrickc Pack the bear spray and strap up. lol.  Have a cup of tea and chill...  maybe the bear needs kratom too.

Have you tried melatonin? it's not good to use frequently but if you need to get to sleep it definitely will do the trick.

I have not tried melatonin but I know people who use it. I will have to get some and give it a try.

@patrickc Be careful with it. Do not use it regularly as it will mess with your sleep cycle. But for a strong nock out it will do the trick. def start small on melatonin. Something you should be aware of with prolonged use or a large doses they can incur nightmares. 

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