Found on Reddit any one tried

Found on Reddit any one tried this? 
Black Seed Oil & Kratom. The only potentiator that's worked.

I've read a few posts about this but to my surprise after doing a google search, there isn't much information other than, "it works" lol.

I've tried just about every potentiator you could imagine. Lemon, Magnesium, S&V, with very little success if any. Black Seed Oil has worked wonders. Wow! Usually I only experience kratom's goodness with my morning dose. Well this time I went out and purchased some Black Seed Oil, they are soft gels. Took 2 soft gels 30 minutes before my kratom ingestion. My usual dosage is 9-10grams at a time. Each soft gel contains 1 gram of Black Seed Oil. So I took 2 grams total before my evening dose. In hindsight that may have been a little much due to its effect on blood pressure (lowering of it). Will try 1 gram tomorrow instead and see if I can still achieve what I'm looking for. Definitely do your research on the side effects of Black Seed Oil before you take it. If you already are having low blood pressure problems this could make it worse. So far the worst side effect I have experienced is the not so great tasting burps about 45 minutes after ingestion. But if your able to stand the taste of kratom, you can stand the taste of burps from Black Seed Oil.

This is the first time in a VERY long time that I actually felt my evening dose as strong or stronger than my morning dose. And I only took 6 grams this time! Anyone who hasn't tried Black Seed Oil and is having a hard time finding a potentiator that works, give this a shot.

(On and off kratom user for 5 years, 30y/o Male, 140lbs soaking wet with steel toes)

cbds are great with kratom. all cannabinoids seem 'better' with a little kratom. prolly the only thing that I would have with kratom (other than coffee, of course)   

naturals rule!

So the black see oil is doing what?

So does the black seed oil act as a medium for delivering the alkaloids in a more balanced and delayed process? Does it allow for more than five or six hours of relief? 

I tried it on several occasions and there is a lot of talk about oils used for cooking like coconut oil, for example.  People are having great results by mixing their kratom in an edible oil product.  Potentiators do not work for me.  But they do for a look folks.  Adding turmeric/curcumin with black pepper extract, black oil extract included is something I do daily.  Just for the antioxidants if nothing else.  My kratom benefits do not increase unless I add some kind of enhanced product or extract into the leaf.  Otherwise, good leaf is good leaf is good leaf.