thanks for help and website I

thanks for help and website I appreciate - getting used to this app/ chat site .. wondering g about the fresh leaf. Is it much stronger and how di I take? Just chew it? How many leaves? I take quite a bit daily.. mix in my coffee. I know that it’s measured in “grams” but I do t know what that equals in teaspoons. I take a pretty heaping teaspoon plus another teaspoon  and mix it in. I’m figuring it’s about ...???...,3-4 grams ? Idk . Buts that’s what I do. And I do that about 5 to 6 times a day .. yeah, I know that’s a lot... but my tolerance is high . Now I want..well, I’ve been wanting to try fresh leave .. Hoping it’s just as good if not better. Thanks for advice and thanks again for your help and welcoming vibe

Glad to have you on the app! I'm sorry I couldn't discuss everything on youtube as I'm limited in what I can say on there without having my channel taken down. OK, so you have a couple different questions let me see if I can answer them all. 

To enjoy fresh leaf you can either chew it up, make tea, or dry it and make tea or powder. But the traditional way to take kratom, and the way we recommend is to chew the leaf. You are going to chew the leaf for 5-10 min then either spit or swallow. I highly recommend trying the leaf with the included sugar packet. It will help cut down on the bitter taste and while chewing turns the leaf into a sugary paste. This is how the natives chew kratom especially if they have a cold as this helps the throat. 

We recommend starting with about 3-5 leaf. Each leaf wet is about equivalent to 1g of powder. 

For those reading this that haven't seen the video this is how we ship fresh leaf. 

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Ok as far as quality, that can be a bit subjective and is also a bit nuanced. Subjective as your tolerance will play a part. But nuanced as it can depend tree by tree season by season. Now there a lot of factors that will determine potency of a tree. Rain, soil conditions, nutrients, sunlight, humidity, time on the tree. However a good and quick denominator is age. We only take leaf, cuttings, and seed pods from our 5-10 year old trees. This is important as most trees in the USA are going to be under 3 years of age. Trees take years to mature and generally take about 5 years before they are potent enough to be usable. I make this distinction as all of our competition has trees that are 1-3 years of age where ours are 5-10. They also are selling leaf for $1 per leaf more then we are and as well can only offer up to 5 leaf per order (as they do not have the leaf) where as our max is 90+ per order (although we recommend buying what you will consume unless some specific circumstance. Or we can also make accommodations like shipping x amount weekly.) We also have fresh leaf and cuttings all year round that are available. 

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For some context here are some pics of our trees. Our tallest being around  30 ft tall. Which is something of a feat on it's own as I have seen only 2 other growers that have trees that can rival our size. However we are the only vendor that offers fresh leaf from fully mature kratom trees.
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