Hey my name is cory and i was

@guywithtrees no sir, I am Backwoods Botanicals. Very very small vendor. I want to stay that way too. 

@Mia-Templeman oh right on! I am one of the owners of this platform. We do allow for vendors to promote, advertise, and run their own vendor groups. We even provide support for FB group owners to back up their group. We ask that sales are handled in pm's for customer security.

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@guywithtrees oh wow! That's amazing. Thank you. Can you kind of explain how one would go about doing this? I have never seen this platform before. I just happen to run into it on MEWE. I think you posted it. 

@guywithtrees perfect thank you very much. I will look at this. I appreciate you helping me out.

@Mia-Templeman no prob! hope to see your ad's on the platform. We try to limit posting ad's on main timeline to 2 - 3 times a week.(mostly a rule to keep indo spam down) But posting in your own group is unlimited or if a group owner wants it to be unlimited. If you would like create a group you can do that in the groups feature. But I can help you out if you need help. You should also edit your page like mine to add your vendor info on your page. Never hurts for link backs. 

@cmkronen you can use a frost blanket that is sold specific for plants or trees,you can use a sheet,any of these products will be just like if you wrapped up in it,better than nothing and may increase the few degrees needed to stay alive,if it is a hardy bush or tree you could throw a blanket over it/i just hug my trees because i am a hippy aka treehugger🤗

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thanks for the tip

.. i really want to give it a chance to stretch its legs and grow.

@Mia-Templeman Welcome!

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