Makes Rad fireworks... PeteyPy

Makes Rad fireworks... PeteyPyro approves. 🧙‍♂️

 and has magical 'Wizard herbs' too  lol

HAHAHAHAHAHAH You blowing stuff up out there? Nice profile pic by the way. 


Every time i think of lord of the rings. 

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You should consider harvesting that leaf. They are dropping a lot and all of it is going to go to waist. Plus its about that time they start putting out new leaf. 

@guywithtrees.  Spring is here and the plants are blowing up fast. Will be posting part 1 of the seed germination project soon. Its in editing now 😴

@guywithtrees I'll either end up with thousands,  or a "box 'o fungi". lol

btw...ty again for the pods......

Fucking funny as hell. I laughed at 5am trying not to wake anyone.

@guywithtrees said:


Every time i think of lord of the rings. 


@patrickc one of the greatest scenes of all time. Totally changed how I looked at lord of the rings. Still better then the hobbit.