Sorry if this has already been

Sorry if this has already been asked / answered but does any one have any good tips for drying kratom? 

I have quite a few little trees growing indoors and Haven't actually tried harvesting anything. 

Thank you! 

Bestway in my opinion is indoors. I would put mine in a big plastic tub so I could fluff them any time I walk by them during the day

For small batches you can just place in a paper bag and shake daily for a week and your set. :) 

I've successfully dried herbs in my car before.  Heard you can put them in a zippered pillow case cover,  and toss in the clothes dryer for a while too. Careful though, seriously. 

( ganja, not kratom (yet)  lol

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@peteypyro lmao yah I'd say stick with the paper bag method. I know it works. 

use a screen flip leaves once a day