one cubic foot of miracle grow is 8$( 1 cubic yard = 27 bags 216$ )not the cheapest not the most expensive but pretty cheap, 1 cubic yard of potting soil from a wholeseller landscaping or soil company is 27 bags basically for 45$ the most expensive potting mix where i bought soil was 100$ per cubic yard- moral of story if you are buying soil to start a garden you should never buy bagged soil,rent a trailer or truck and go to your local soil manufacturer,or have them deliver ,the place i went delivers for free if buying 4 yards or more , they will also load into your truck trailer for free minimum purchase 1/2 yard,if you are starting a garden in yard you will need 4 yards minimum for raised beds,if you just want to have some plants in room or window sill themĀ  buy bags or 1 yard

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