Hey everyone. I'm new here and

Hey everyone. I'm new here and looking forward to finally being able to talk to people about this miraculous medicinal leaf that is saved my life. And allowed me to quit taking all the medications I was forced to take for decades. It really has changed my life in a good way. And has never been something that has been harmful to me in any way. Like many people who use this medicinal leaf for chronic pain, past injuries, and disabilities. I was born with several very rare genetic conditions that have caused me excruciating pain my entire life. And this medicinal leaf is the only thing that is ever helped me without endangering my life, or causing dependency to deadly medications. Which is why I have quit taking all the poison's big pharma makes. And do not trust the medical system, or doctors who push them. There is a reason why medical malpractice, and the poisons that big pharma makes is the number one cause of death on Earth. Which should shock everyone. As it goes completely against everything you are told to believe about modern medicine. It is a system that profits off of the death, and suffering of others. And they achieve this by keeping you sick, and in pain as long as they can make a profit off of you. I am living proof of this. I've been through they living hell of the medical system my entire life. And other than the three times I nearly bled to death, and had to have all my blood replaced. The medical system has never helped me get better. Only worse. Having said that. I just wanted to let everyone know where I'm coming from. I'm not anti-science. Quite the opposite. I'm pro natural science, biology, and medicine that already exists in nature. That we as humans were adapted to use. But making unnatural artificial poisons made from deadly chemicals that big pharma says is medicine I am completely against. Hence, why I am here today. God bless you all. And I hope that you will accept me as your brother, and neighbor just trying to thrive in this place called life.

Hey Levi! This is Walt! I was the guy who messaged you on youtube. We are unable to talk about anything products on youtube. So we try to send everyone here. My sales site is https://kratomleaf.us/ 

We are currently offering a sale on seed pods. 1 for $20 (normally $65) and 4 for $50 (normally $250). 

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I'm really glad you made it over. We want to provide this app and kynto (our kratom avatar chat) as a safe place for consumers and vendors to talk about kratom without having to deal with shadow banning. I know you will fit right at home here with our members as we have a very positive community and never have drama. I'm so glad you have found kratom and all the benefits that it brings. 

Levi doesn't take much to imagine you've been thru the ringer! How did you happen to stumble across Kratom and how did you filter out the swathes of misinformation online regarding the leaf?