Growing indoors?

anyone else growing indoors? Could use a little advice. My tree has reached the height that I want so I have topped it off. My question, is there a was to encourage more bushy growth? I'm limited on space and I want to maximize leaf production. Any other advice is also welcome. Or if you just want to chat that is also cool. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

not that I am aware of other then topping the tree. 

Hey @mad-myc, here’s something I’ve been trying that works reasonably well for producing more branches. 

Find a new growth tip like the one below 

Then pinch it off. Sometimes I used small clippers but usually finger nails work well.

What usually happens is that I get two new branches instead of just one long branch. 

Here’s a fork from my last round of pinching. If you zoom in there’s a ladybug right where I pinched and the two new branches started.

It’s definitely made my plant bushier. Problem is sometimes I leave a bit too much behind and end up with some mangled leaves and only one branch. Or one bigger and one smaller branch. Or I take too much and clip a leaf off with the tip and then get only one branch coming out at an angle. 

Since I just pinched most of the tips I’m going to wait for some new nodes to grow. But next time I’m going to try pinching off a node lower than the tip and see if that gives more consistent and maybe faster branching.

@pete2000 oh sweet! Thank you so much for the tip. I should have known that because it happens every time I take a cutting. 

@mad-myc Great job. I've always pinched mine at virtually every mode. I'm disabled and can't climb a 100 foot tree, but can a bush! 

@peteypyro thanks. I wish I would have thought about it earlier. Mine is almost touching the light already. I am thinking I'll grow out another clone and this time I will start trimming the nodes off from the start. See if I can get it to grow out instead of up 

Starting to see some results from my last round of pinching and wanted to give a quick update. 

Here’s a pic of what I mostly see after pinching. 

Should end up with two instead of one long branch. This is a lower branch that already had a few nodes and should help make the tree more full and bushy looking (and yield more leaves).

One mistake I made a month or two ago was not waiting for a few nodes to grow out on some of the higher branches before pinching.

I pinched this at the first node. It did split into two branches, but too close to the trunk. It not only messed up the symmetry, but now the branches are crossing some of the other branches inside of the tree.

Going forward, rather than just blindly pinching I’m going to try to visualize how the branching will look as the tree grows larger.

@pete2000 HOLLY COW! HI 5! I'm def going to try this! I love seeing that green branch growth. Your trees looked like they have fully recovered.