Sourcing in Florida

Hey all, I'm new here. Hoping I'm posting in the right place. I'm located in Venice, Florida and looking for someone within an hour or two that I can get some clones or root cuttings from. Thanks all!

@thebibliopole I'm in the Tampa area I have a few young clones right now but I'm getting ready to start doing some serious cloning.

Hey man this is def the right place! I can vouch for @roadkill. He is a good guy and can def can hook you up with the right stuff. idk if you would be interested but we are also in Florida and are taking preorders now for rooted from our 11 year old American Kratom nursery. Here is a link to the sales page

@roadkill I am going to be in Tampa on Sunday if you have anything available now. Otherwise, I can always make a trip up later when you have availability.

@thebibliopole so sorry I just seen this and it's Tuesday so I missed you. I have a couple ready to go right now but as I said I will be doing more in the near future

@roadkill I am going to be up your way this week. Do you have any available? Thanks! - has 8 strains available, stock updated every couple of weeks (located in South Florida)

Hey there I'm actually in Ruskin Florida. I have a few plants listed on the marketplace for sale. Some of them are not happy right now because we got hit with the cold snap that I wasn't prepared for. Send me a message if you like

@paulinruskin Nice!!! Some good looking plants. you should look at hay layering. 

@thebibliopole Thanks for joining Kratom Watchdogs! We have cuttings available as well from our trees. We have one of the oldest and largest American Kratom Nurseries and every dollar goes to funding the nursery and kratom Watchdog.