Cut a 7 foot tree to 2 inches

This was one of two trees that had fire blight. Killed the first one but the second one look like it was surviving it. I thought about keeping it to see if it would make it, but I was afraid it could spread to the other trees. Should be an interesting experiment to see what the tree does.

This is what fireblight looks like. Well at least that's what I currently believe it is until I learned otherwise.


ouch! How do u get it. And how do u get rid of it. 

I guess you just have to be lucky to get it. I don't know of anything you can do to prevent ever getting it, though it seems unlikely I just got lucky. I read of some fungicide type treatments that can possibly be sprayed on it but it's limited as to which ones will really work and that's followed with a maybe. The only real way to deal with it is to cut it off.

@roadkill Yup, amputate with prejudice. The bacteria thrives in moisture. Cut way back, and keep affected parts dry. Water from below, only in mornings, etc. Thanks for the photos. 

Update to this conversation. Since cutting this tree down to 2" it has some life still in it.  Let's see what it does.

@roadkill they are indestructible after they get that big. It's a kratom bushes now. Should be easier to harvest.