Why Do I keep running into weird stuff

Here are a pair of twins they were clone from the same tree at the same time (about 2 years) and they were exactly the same up until the last couple months. Now the one on the right is losing leaves and has bark splitting at its base.. Overall it looks frail and weak weak.

 The other one on the left is doing great but the weird thing about that one is it has 1  Flower. Nowhere else on the tree are there any buds just one lonely single flower.

What the hell man.

lmao yah kratom can be like that some times. You see why im so skeptical on a lot of this stuff. Same age, same size, just feet apart and they act completely different from each other. 

@roadkill maybe all these rains had something to do with it? But why is only one affected? 🤔

ok,  I had to make a decision to take this tree out. I had transplanted this tree from a different location that  Location was near the other tree I had that had fire blight. So I fear it is in the ground and affected this tree.

. There were splits at the base of this tree

. So I decided to take this 7' 3 out afraid that whatever is wrong with it could spread.

. After cutting it down I looked at a cross-section of the base of the tree and you can see see where there's damage From some sort of bark disease or some shit like that.


@roadkill yes, blight can kill fast.

 this tree was healthy just 3 months ago too. Now it's just limes on dead branches. 

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@peteypyro  Careful so that shit don't spread to your kratom trees.  I have lost 2 this year