Well....... It has been one hell of a month. I'm sorry for being so busy guys. I wanted to give a shout out to @peteypyro!!!! We got to hang out last week and came home with 2 of his trees. Had to make 2 separate trips. And what a adventure. We barley got the second one in the van. And took me about 4 hour drive each way. so 16 hours of driving all together. On the first day I met this lady who was selling several trees out on her front lawn. She did not really speak english but was ecstatic to see @peteypyro's tree in the car! She was running around the car taking pictures to show her daughter. I gave her some cuttings and some fresh leaf form our trees. It was absolutely adorable. I love it when I meet other passionate growers who really care about these trees. This was one of the best trips I have had so far. 

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@guywithtrees Great to see you again. Glad the twins will have new homes. I'm making more clones ūüėÉ

It was great to see you as well. Always a trip!

Your new clones should be even better now that your trees are flowering. 

@guywithtrees I expect they may bloom next year.  

   So, now, let's play a game...

count the number of catapillers in the photo....

@guywithtrees they're hiding in plain sight 

¬†gonna be lots of pretty big catapillers and butterflies/moths soon!¬†predators take note ūüėČ