Botanical Queens Competition

To celebrate our collaboration with Emily and Botanical Queens. We will be running 2 different competitions!  

 1. Hop on to Kynto (kratom avatar chat ) at 4pm est today (Dec 3) and join us for the Botanical Queens live stream and games.

2. For the month of December. Comment on this page (  “What you are thankful for this year.” We will be selecting 2 of the best answers and sending them 15 raw leaf, 1 live plant, and 1 seed pod, as well as other goodies. They will be chosen by 12/31/21  

Official Rules:

“No Purchase Necessary”. “Purchase does not enhance the chance of winning”. Suggested retail value $71.50. You must be 21 to enter , live in the mainland United States , Void where prohibited by law. Judging -Will be determined by random number generator, Contestants will be in numerical order as entries are received. Method of selecting a winner- Total number of entries will be entered into a random generator. Winner will be chosen automatically by a random generator. All contestants reserve the right to privacy and no information from any contestant will be used in any manner by Kratom Watchdog except to use as contact for the winning prize. Publicity rights regarding use of Participant’s information (sponsor should obtain written consent from Entrant to ensure compliance with state laws). Liability limitations- Kratom Watchdog in no way assumes any liability of the product prize. Odds of winning -Odds depend on number of entries. Facebook is in no way shape or form responsible or affiliated with this contest. Good Luck!:)

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I am most thankful for finding our tea and being able to do things with my kids and my family that I haven't been able to do in the past due to chronic pain🍵

I am thankful I made it out alive. My father's son (the love of my life) lost his battle to addiction in 2016. I have been clean for almost 5 years. Kratom has helped me get back my life. I am thankful I am able to be a good mother, an active mother, a loving mother to my son.

Thank you 

Jocelyn (Miahsmomma)

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@miahsmomma Thanks for posting. Were you able to write what you were thankful for? 

@miahsmomma lol its all good. welcome to kratom watchdog! lol you can post your response to the competition here and you will be entered for the drawing. 

(Other than for my 2 kitties, ) I am most thankful for what seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel more and more people are starting to be more open-minded, and things seem like maybe they can get better for us all c: