Tree trimming time...
How far back do you trim your trees?  I think we're done getting freezes here in Florida



@roadkill its sorta like frostbite in humans. just trim off the blackened tissue, plus some extra,  for a margin of safety. I hope to have more than stumps left. lol

 the hard freeze up here killed bugs off the winter tomatoes 

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Well I'm getting deeper here's one of my trees once I trimmed off all the dead branches. That freeze hit me hard this year

@peteypyro  You have another advantage where you are.. You are by the water and that will help keep temperatures a little warmer then Us here inland

@guywithtrees  Yeah the base seems fine at least it's green under a scraping of the bark.  But I have no sign of new buds yet which is not That unusual as some of my trees still haven't started to bud and others have.

 Here's a look at 1 of my tree lines

“How far back do you trim your trees?“

I did an aggressive trim on a couple of mine.

@pete2000 Glad they're hardier than Papaya trees. Almost all Papaya froze up here btwn Daytona and Gainesville.

The Kratom trees are all alive but look rough.

 Ready for pruning back now that damage is visible 

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@peteypyro Nice!!! love seeing that new growth. Im seeing node development on many of our trees as well. 

@peteypyro OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO IM SO SORRY YOU HAD TO CUT SO FAR BACK. Those trees were beautiful. 

Yeah the freeze hit me really hard this year. I had to cut a whole bunch of large number of trees. Full branches died And in a lot of cases the whole top


Hey Rk - have you lost any whole plants yet??

@will  Absolutely i lost 1/3 of my crop. Here's a picture of one of the trees that survived but as you can see the freeze killed the top half of the branch... Crazy...  So I'm not too happy about that and doubt that the tree will produce as efficiently

The west Kali plants that I hacked down are coming back. They are resilient.

omg the poor thing. Can't wait for the big rains to come, honestly. It hurts to see them suffer. Really glad to see that you were able to save it.

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@roadkill looked brutal..

 but now they're blooming 🤯

 its crazy!
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@peteypyro That's pretty cool it is flowering so soon. and with such little leaf on the trees.