Replanting in bigger grow bags.

Today was a beautiful day outside a little warm tho! Decided it was time to replant my kratom from 5 gallon grow bags to 10. I used a mix of worm casting, pearlite, cow manure compost, garden soil and topsoil. These babies like to eat so I gave them all a dose of fish emulsion also. 

The rooting system of these plants was VERY tough to remove from the grow bags( have a total of 5 plants). Had to split the grow bags into 4 peices to remove the plant and roots safely. 

I got these last year, they were less than a foot tall and SMALL! They are really enjoying the warm weather in Florida for sure. They pack a wallop if you eat them off the plant. 

They look great! Gonna be huge by the end of the summer. 

Here they are in the new bags. They are really affordable on Amazon!  These are the 10 gallon. Kinda wish I went bigger!

@peteypyro can't wait to transplant to a 25 gallon pot!

@peteypyro looks like its coming back to life. 

@guywithtrees said:

<p>@peteypyro looks like its coming back to life. </p><p></p>

 It all surviving. The tree closest to the sprinklers lost only leaves.. the others, some limb loss.

I'm feeding them fish emulsion now, to pamper them a bit. Black Kow compost comes later. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
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@peteypyro I love that you were able to save them. Crazy they still kept their seed pods.