Not to happy plants!

@mopoke Rust fungus causes my fig tree to lose all leaves annually.  They come back.

@guywithtrees I do but am having issues uploading for some reason. I think maybe it's getting a little too much sun combined with a drop in humidity given it is our winter here and the cooler temps could be part of the problem. This is it's first winter outside even though it's still in a pot. Will be putting it in the ground come summer. I have another already in the ground and it's going very well.

@mopoke yes, uploads are intermittent.  I'll  try this photo of a dead tree first,  before I dare try one of a living tree....

7/1/22. Still won't upload photo...?!

7/5 no photo loading

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I measured the PH seemed to be fine. Although my meter is a super cheap one from Amazon. I have been watering everyday cause of the black grow bags. Fish emulsion and Epson salt weekly maybe twice. They are coming back. I did move the smallest yesterday it wasn't happy not being in the sun. These plants seem to LOVE the sun. I still have patches of green yellowish leaves. When I water they only get rain water. I have a homemade water collector from an old water softener. Here are some new pics. You will understand the smallest plant was definitely in the wrong spot. 

I can't seem to upload photos either....

I've had this problem a number of times over the years. I usually just make sure my Soil is acidic then I give it a dose of iron and nitrogen. Problem is you have to wait a couple weeks to see if what you're doing is correct. Fish emulsion is great for that or you can go straight to ammonium sulfate,  Which is what I use because I have so many. But you do have to be careful with it I have burnt a plant or 2 in my day.

@roadkill I tried to add new pics but there is an error. I wanted to stay away from Miracle Grow but gave it a try. In a week they bushed up and are coming back beautifully! I am going to use it 2 times a week for a few weeks. I also tried coffee grounds for about a month with not much result.

@roadkill I did see your past post about ammonium sulfate. Wanted to try it but wasn't able to find it easily. 

Idk if coffee would be best as it could dry out the soil. Did you try rain water for water and fish fertilizer 

@guywithtrees yes. Actually I only use rain water. I have a home made catchment system. I use fish emulsion. I have tried Miracle Grow and they are coming back. I have a bunch of pearlite in the soil so it will not dry out, I did not use a ton of grounds. 

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@paulinruskin id recommend composting the used coffee grids before use.