Hi there ladies and gentlemen,

So I have quite some good experience with kratom, I have been using it for 5 years although being only 23 years of age. 
I use it for anxiety and for a mood lift to make my day alot more pleasant. I work better, harder and I am simply a whole lot happier. It has definitely improved my life in terms of relationships (social), work and personal mental health.

I am from Canada but also live in the NYC area, so I keep my eyes open on the topic in both countries. I see so much people on the media talking bad about kratom without much research or experience and they tend to say ridiculous things about it which is actually borderline outrageous, but also there is those who don't have much bad to say about it or some that try to support the natural plants legal status.

I see that it has helped literally millions of
lives, including mine. I never had a problem with it in terms of addiction. As you know you can be addicted to anything so that goes to say with kratom too. But what the government agencies are trying to do with invalid reasons/facts is ridiculous.

Let's exersice this theory which makes perfect sense to me. 
The pharmaceutical industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry that will fight and use their power to promote the usage of their chemical drugs.
And now for the agencies working alongside trying to ban it is outrageous. Would that not be considered taking you human rights away from you? your freedom? to take away a NATURAL PLANT that treats a ton of things and replace it with synthetic drugs? to me and I bet alot more people would agree that that this action is simply selfish and hurting our right to ingest mother nature's work, instead of those synthetic ones made by Big Pharma.

The best we can do is fight and support our freedom. Like donating to the American Kratom Assosiaton.

Any opinions on this post would be appreciated  :)

Thank you so much for reading  ;)


Hello & Welcome to the forum, Patrick  :welcomewave:

My opinion on your post is that I agree with you on all points which is exactly why I am here! I truly believe that the kratom community is a very strong, supportive & caring Force of Nature, literally. Together, united in purpose we are as fierce & powerful as any other Force of Nature & we will win this War!

J_ust my humble opinion …  :cool:_