Looking for advice for Kratom with MS Nerve Pain

Hello. I've been taking Red Vein Thai for my Crohn's Disease for over five years and it works well for that but over the years, my symptoms from MS are getting worse and this past year has been absolute hell. The Red Vein Thai is not helping for the nerve pain or the worsening pain in my legs. For the past three days I've been nearly unable to walk. I've been on gabapentin and it did nothing for the nerve/skin pain. I was switched to lyrica and at first it worked much better but within a couple of months it was back to a ten and I don't want to start upping the dose. I am at my wit's end. My feet are a mess and without your feet, there's isn't much you can do so, as if the pain itself wasn't enough, I am constantly feeling like I'm failing to do everything I need to do. On top of all of that, I have insomnia (lifelong) and I can't sleep at night but when I finally do sleep, I don't want to wake up. I missed watching my two year old open her presents at Christmas today because I couldn't wake up. I was born with the Crohn's so I've never had a lot of energy but the fatigue is so much worse than it's ever been. My grandmother completely depends on me to take care of things for her. I am a stay at home mom to my two year old. I am on my feet for about sixteen hours a day trying to take care of everyone and I will do whatever I have to do to get through the day. I am terrified that the damage of having my daughter (autoimmune diseases get worse when you give birth) combined with the horrible stress and physical strain I've been under for two years (I was my grandfather's primary care taker during the day for nearly two years after my daughter was born because he had Alzheimer's and we didn't want to put him in a home and my grandmother cared for him at night until he passed away last January) has destroyed me to a point I won't come back from. The constant nerve pain and the pain in my skin and my worsening pain in my legs is just too much at this point. I overtake the Red Vein Thai each day to try to ease this pain up so I can function and it just doesn't. Anyway, long story short, does anyone have any suggestions for strains or types of Kratom to try to help with nerve pain and my leg pain because Kratom gave me back my life once when I was sent home to die because of Crohn's and I am hoping it can do it again. I am hoping the answer is out there and I just haven't found it yet. Thank you.

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I have similar nerve problems with my legs and find its better if I'm not on my feet too much, the longer I'm on my feet the worse the pain. Having small children and being a caregiver is a bit much for a healthy person so that you will have to work out? I'm using Yellow Thai, 3-5grms 3x per day and it helps me however I'm not a caregiver with small children. Good Luck!

I have Diabetic neuropathy? I have nerve pain & numbness in my Leg's! I use MangeDa for it, & it also gives me a little Energy! Try it, it May Help!! I use it only during the day, as it might keep you awake for a while at night! I use Red Bali at Night!

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@keair-snyder-gillian It sounds like you have a common, but unrecognized problem, and that is mineral deficiencies. This is why your condition got worse after you gave birth -- your developing child took more of the minerals you were already short of. Medical Doctors aren't taught this because they are taught to be selling drugs, so they typically say mineral supplements are unnecessary. This is not true, however.

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I follow a Naturopathic Doctor and Veterinarian who has studied the mineral depletion of farm soils and studied the many diseases of farm & zoo animals that are caused by their insufficient levels of essential minerals. To me, it is very plain what is causing most, if not all, of your health issues -- it's vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Kratom no doubt has some of the minerals we need, but not nearly enough. The best solution is to supplement your diet with ALL the 90 essential nutrients scientists have found we need to help your body do what it knows how to do. The doctor's name is Joel Wallach, ND, DVM, and his videos can be found on YouTube on many subjects. Taking just one or two minerals will not solve your many problems. Your body needs them ALL in the right form, derived from plants. When I started taking these products, I stopped having colds and my 40 years of back pain and sciatica stopped. Our body can repair itself when given the raw materials it needs. Kratom is a great support for our health and wellbeing, but to really help our body heal, we need to give it the raw materials to do so. This can cost less than $90 per month for a person under 150 lbs. It takes a few months, but it is amazing what our body can do for itself when given the right ingredients.

I agree with everything you said!!!! Wish you lived near me so I could pick your brain! What minerals would one start with? Specifically I would like to start with the pain in my legs from a spinal injury, sciatica, etc. Wish Medicare covered Naturoapathic care. I thought I heard somewhere they were going to?

@paulkemp I've been on Vitamin B3, B2, and Vitamin D as well as Iron and Potassium for years. All autoimmune diseases get worse after a woman has a baby but yes, I do have a major problem with Vitamin and Mineral loss because I have Crohn's Disease. It was actually my neurologist who decided to keep me on the vitamins and minerals because he specializes in MS specifically but he is a genius when it comes to autoimmune diseases in general. I refuse to tolerate doctors who just try to push pills at me. Many people have absolute faith in doctors but I absolutely do not and I research any medications they try to give me. Six months before my Crohn's went completely off the rails, I lost my insurance so my natural distrust I had for doctors got much worse with that eye opening experience. I was sick all of my life from being born with Crohn's and I had Medicaid that entire time so I was over-treated and then I lost my insurance and I was under-treated and sent home to die. Because I have been careful to weed out the pill pushers, I am fortunate to have the specialists I finally settled on, but I still have two degenerative autoimmune diseases and in both cases, they are the forms of the diseases that do not go into remission but rather deteriorate gradually. The Crohn's caused the MS and because of the shape I was in at the time, I ended up with a form of MS that typically isn't seen in people my age. Now it's just a matter of managing the aftermath the best I can and I will not use biologics, steroids, or other common forms of medicine American doctors give for these diseases. That was how I found Kratom in the first place. lol Anyway, thank you for your response. I appreciate it. :)

@paul-boudreau My grandmother is a diabetic and from what we've talked about, the constant burning in my feet seems to be quite a bit like diabetic nerve pain. I am not sure if diabetics get anything like the skin pain I have in my upper body (it's like a terrible sunburn and it is made worse by water, heat of any kind, or going from one extreme temperature to the other...) but I will absolutely try the Maeng Da. Thank you!

@cherit Thank you! I will try the Yellow Thai. The only yellow I've tried is the Yellow Sumatra? I only recently heard of it for the first time but it wasn't very helpful. However, the Thai in general seems to be the best for different kinds of pain so I will absolutely try that. I really appreciate the response.

The reason I got interested in kratom is the really bad nerve damage I have. Its not from MS but from a tropical parasite called rat lungworm in Hawaii. Its been 3 years since I got it and the nerve damage has not improved. My feet and arms are numb and the lower half of my body is extremely painful (unless I am taking kratom). The pain level is about a 7. Kratom really saved my life and made me functional again. I would have hung myself by now without it. Opiates don't help.....at least oxycodone and dilaudid.. Dilaudid (4mg) is the strongest one I have tried but it does not hold a candle to kratom. it also makes me sleepy and dopey which I don't like. I have tried many strains from many vendors and found that green ketapang works far better than any other I have tried. I would say where I get it but the forum rules restrict that. Green Bentuangie is the second best that I have found so far. I take kratom about every 4 hours and it lowers my pain down to 1 or 2. It works far better than any reds I have tried.

@peter-aldo Thank you for your response. I have never heard of either strain but I will see if the store I get it from here in Ohio has either one. Like I said, I will try any suggestion until I find something that works. When I first starting taking Kratom for my Crohn's, I was bedridden. I got up only to run to the bathroom. I was twenty six and I was told that I was most likely going to die and the doctors at the hospitals did not care because I was uninsured. I took pain pills when I got them to stop the bathroom trips and to ease the pain a little so I could eat but that was not the life I ever wanted. I was ready to die. But I'm a fighter to the core and I felt like if I looked, I could find something that would help. At first it gave me back my life. But as the MS crap continues getting worse I feel like I did just before I found Kratom in the first place. I cannot live another year like this year. I need change or...I don't know what I am going to do. What I absolutely do know is that this is not working for me. I am not asking to be cured or to have all of my symptoms disappear. I do feel like, at this point, that's asking too much. I just want to be able to find some joy in my life and right now, it's just not there. At first when my daughter was born everything was amazing. I never thought I would carry a child to term and I was a little proud of my crappy body for doing one thing right. lol But now I feel like, even though I am with my daughter every day doing everything with her and for her, I am really missing her life because, with the pain, every day is something to just get through. I look forward to nothing. And this is not a life. So I do sincerely appreciate all of the suggestions. One of these things might just save my life. Thank you. :)

I hope everybody gets some help from Kratom as I have! After 17 years of No pain relief from opioids, I found Kratom to be very helpful! Keep up the fight!

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@cherit You can pick my brain, but the best person to explain all this is Dr. Wallach. His recorded lecture of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" is the top-sellng health lecture of all time. We can't pick and choose a few vitamins and minerals -- there are 90 essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids that our body needs so it can pick what it needs every day to do its complex functions.

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@paulkemp I have not heard of Naturopathic medicine being added to Medicare. It is opposed by the AMA and only 17 states license Naturopaths, BUT Dr. Wallach's formulas are available in all 50 states and 12 other countries. I just take what he recommends, based on his wide knowledge and experience, and in 6+ years I haven't been sick once and may back pain/sciatica was repaired. I can help you get Wallach's products and it is much less expensive to get all of them than it is to visit GNC or Amazon each month to try to guess what your body needs.

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@keair-snyder-gillian Are you rotating Red vein strains from different vendors and farmers? I've found a need to rotate strains to keep our tolerance low. I keep many small samples around, so I can use a different type each time I dose. This keeps my body sensitive to the slightly different alkaloid mix that each strain contains. You are bound to lose effectiveness relying on just one strain for months or years.

I'll start with the following: I am under the supervision of a very respected (and practical) Spinal care facility in my area. And I have told them about ALL of the supplements that I am taking - including the Kratom. I feel it is very important for my doctor to know everything that I am taking, so we can come up with a complete care plan together.

Also, I don't have MS, so I don't know how useful this will be to you. But I do suffer from intense nerve pain and numbness caused by a herniated disc in my c6-7 region. I also have back and hip problems and I have been taking Kratom daily for ten years to help alleviate the pain caused by these issues.

Like many on this thread, I have tried gabapentin, steroids and prescription pain meds with varying degrees of success. For me, gabapentin (as prescribed by my doctor) actually worked best to alleviate my neuropathic pain. However, it also made me feel like a zombie and made it difficult for me to work, enjoy sports and take care of my family. So, I consulted with my doctor, and we made the decision together to wean me off of the drug and try some alternative therapies that include kratom, nsaids, supplements and physical therapy.

Regarding kratom, I don't know if I am allowed to talk dosages in the forum, so I'll just state that I take the common size capsules that I either purchase online or fill myself at home.

Here is the regimen that has helped me the most:

In the morning: I take a combination of Premium Bali (red), and Vietnam or Premium Mang Da (both are Greens). I take more of the Premium Bali as that is most efficacious for the pain. I also take this along with an NSAID - which helps reduce inflammation on the c6-7 area where my nerve pain is initiated. I find that this combination of Red and Green Kratom, and NSAID helps me overcome the pain and gives me the energy I need to get through the day.

Noon time: More NSAID or Acetaminophen

In the evening (around 7pm or so): I take a combination of Premium Bali, and Red Vein Thai - both reds with good pain alleviation properties. I take another dose of NSAID around 10pm and get out an ice pack and crash in my recliner with the ice pack between the chair and my upper back/neck region. I usually fall asleep like this and wake up a couple hours later and cart myself off to bed where I sleep the rest of the night.

I also take the following supplements which now have some studies suggesting that they are effective for improving neuropathic pain: Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L Carnitine. And I take Fish Oil and Glucosamine since those are supposed to help with inflammation as well. Again, I have discussed all these supplements with my attending doctors and I have received their blessing to continue using them so long as I remain under their care and check in from time to time.

I also make sure that I get my annual checkup with my GP and get all recommended blood work and other recommended procedures. With exception of the c6-7 herniated disk, I am a healthy 50 year old man - no blood pressure issues, and no blood sugar issues.

Both of my siblings have been living with MS for the last 15 years now. So I at least know something of what you are going through. I hope this information helps you!

I have MS and Yellow Sunda has been a life changer for me. I couldn't walk due to the nerve pain in my legs and now am able to play laser tag with my grandsons. I LOVE this plant ❣❣

I’m sorry about everything you deal with. It’s a very difficult scenario.
I also have MS and chronic pain. I just relapsed and the pain issues have magnified considerably.
I recently just this past week started taking turmeric powder as I read it can augment the effects of Kratom. It’s really helping pain, nerve and muscle pains. I don’t have the burning skin pain right now but have in the past. I just using straight turmeric powder since I have some organic of this in my pantry already. I’m taking a half teaspoon every time I dose the Kratom. I’m really feeling it calm the inflammation down, and it’s helping me relax and I hope to get some help with sleep because it’s usually inflammation and pain that keeps me from sleeping especially in my brain and head, face, ears and sinuses. I read that it helps to use black pepper with it, but also I read ginger and cinnamon help too. I’m making also a pot of this daily in the coffee maker, dumping in large amounts of turmeric, some black pepper, ginger and cinnamon.
I rotate the red strains I am using and definitely I have had to increase my dosage right now to get relief. During the daytime I mix various green strains with the reds.
I hope you can get help for your situation and someone to help with the caregiving responsibilities.
I also think the turmeric is helping my gut.
Best wishes.

Have you considered a red strain enhanced with CBD? CBD Isolate Enhanced Red Bali is popular with foiks that have similar stories to yours and is getting more popular with many vendors (not medical advice nor am I claiming it will treat or cure any of your conditions). I can send you a free sample if you private message your shipping address to see if it's something you enjoy :)

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